Scandinavian Wood

Инновационная стеновая панель Kerradeco от официального представителя в Украине купить цена сотрудничество

Scandinavian Wood

Length: 1.35 m
Width: 29.5cm
Thickness: 9mm
Each pack   = 3.186 sq metres (2.7m x 1.18m)
Price — 120 € /pack ( 3.186 sq metres )

KERRADECO intelligent wall system

How to design a wall to be unique, yet functional and durable?
To respond to this need we started to look for alternatives to the previously used wall finishes. Based on our knowledge and many years of experience, we have developed the KERRACORE technology resulting in a state-of-the-art and extremely durable material that we used to create KERRADECO.

KERRADECO is a wall system for universal use. It is waterproof and fire rated. Due to its characteristics it can replace: MDF boards, wallpapers (moisture-resistant) or ceramic tiles (does not crack under impact, does not require grouting). KERRADECO is perfectly suited for rapid construction of partition walls. The installation of the system is easy and fast and rooms finished with the use of KERRADECO can be used immediately.

A wide range of colours and a variety of surface decor structures allow you to design beautiful and durable solutions for all types of interiors also including wet areas. The ability to combine boards from various collections and implement personalised designs provides an unlimited interior design potential.

We invite you to learn more about KERRADECO wall system!

Very functional

  • ready to install, complete wall system
  • easy, clean and do it yourself installation
  • perfect for constructing partition walls

Created for design admirers

  • an effect of many months of work executed by a team of designers being prize-winners of numerous prestigious competitions
  • ensures unlimited arrangement possibilities thanks to the use of the highest quality digital printing
  • textures and design refer to natural materials and they are in line with the newest trends of interior decoration

Highest quality digital printing

  • pattern width 120 cm
  • pattern created by 4 panels

Possible applications

  • KERRADECO combines advantages of existing wall claddings while eliminating their drawbacks
  • perfect alternative for MDF boards, tiles, drywall, wallpapers, paints, etc
  • designed for demanding applications: exposed to moisture, water, scratches and abrasions, e.g. bathrooms or corridors


KERRADECO vs paints — wallpapers

  • resistant to mechanical damage, resistant to moisture and water
  • masks unevenness of walls
  • easy-to-clean
  • does not require additional work in preparation for the base as well as protecting an upper layer


KERRADECO vs ceramic tiles

  • do not crack under impact
  • do not require jointing
  • reduced time of installation.


KERRADECO vs partition walls made of plaster – cardboard panels

  • three operations (mounting of plaster-cardboard panels, filling, painting) are replaced with one – KERRADECO panels installation

Fast and easy installation

  • no need for wall surface preparation
  • conventional carpentry tools usage
  • easy to cut, no dust
  • connecting panels:
    • tongue and groove joint system
    • long and short side connection (FB 300 135 cm)
  • do-it-yoursel installation (long boards, tongue and groove joint system, simple finishing trims)
  • can be instlled using the finishing trims or without.
Installation options
  • adhesive installation — only on stable base (concrete, tiles, plaster- cardboard panels) (1)
  • frame monuting — reduces curvature of the walls (2)



We invite you to learn more about KERRADECO wall system!



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