3D molds for panel

Alivio is the first and leading manufacturer of gypsum 3D panels in Ukraine, by numerous requests, opens a new direction – the production and sale of our molds for the industrial foundry decorative production of gypsum 3D panels. Our goal is a quality end product and a satisfied customer.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of 3D panels, we know more than anyone what nuances in our products are most important for the consumer. Anyone who wants to improve the interior of their home or apartment can do it OWN HANDS, having received our advice and recommendations.

Stripes 600х600 mm

Polygonal 600х300 mm

Adamant 600х435 mm

Linea 600х600 mm

Velum 600х600 mm

Rails 600х600 mm

Pixel 600×600 mm

Mosaic 600х600 mm

Leaves 600х600 mm

Briz 600х600 mm

Dune 600х600 mm

Welle 600×600 mm

Rock 1000х500 mm

Infinity 630×550 mm

Rock mini 600х300 mm

Origami 600х150 mm

Puzzle 600×400 mm

Diamonds 600×600 mm

Grand 300×300 см

Loft 600×295 mm

Smart 600×600 mm , 300×300 mm

Trance 328×288 mm

Nexus 600×380 mm

Hexagon 288×328 mm

Stone 215×245 mm

Hexa 215×245 mm

Sota 215×245 mm

Triangle 600x600x600 mm

Piramide 480x480x480 mm

Trigon 170x170x170 mm

Prestige 600х250 mm

Deluxe 600х250 mm

Levin 60×34.5 см

Harmony 600×600 mm

Classic 600×600 mm

Flower 600×600 mm

Shallow 1000×700 mm

Crystal 600×600 mm

Individual design

Alivio offers a wide range of exquisite and innovative products, with functionality, practicality and beauty that meet the needs of all those who love beautiful design. Alivio products have a high reputation for improved design and are known for their high quality silicone and MADE IN Ukraine. Using silicone in manufacturing provides excellent results and significant benefits. Silicone is an elastic material that is resistant to aging. Alivio is constantly striving to be able to offer its customers a superior product. For this reason, the production process uses the highest quality technical silicone, which meets the standards, is completely non-toxic, odorless and tasteless. It does not contain toxic components, has the lowest content of volatile substances. Alivio pays great attention to quality control in order to guarantee the customer a completely reliable and safe product in accordance with all regulatory standards. Safety, quality and efficiency, combined with a unique product design, makes Alivio a leading expert in the use of silicone for the production of molds for 3D panels. Over the years, our company has always invested heavily in research to be able to offer our customers new products that would inspire and help all lovers of decor who want to get closer to this new world of 3D walls.

Alivio presents silicone molds for 3D gypsum panels of its own production, which create a unique look for your interior. The panels are popular because they allow you to solve a wide range of creative tasks and completely change the design of offices, shops, cafes and apartments in a short time. A large variety of colors, textures, light applications allow you to create various effects and are widely used in modern styles.

Panels made in Alivio forms can be used both as a stand-alone panel and in combination with various traditional materials. Our molds are made of high-quality Italian silicone, which allows us to make a large number of castings from 3D panels without disturbing the product geometry.

Our fundamental goal is the leadership in the market for 3D panels and panel forms we are seeking. Our strategy is focused on the excellent quality of our products, interesting and non-standard technologies and maximum market coverage.

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