Alivio company is one of the leading companies on Ukrainian market on design and production of decorative elements since 2012. For today our main direction is production of design 3D board panels. Requirements of our clients and a long-term experience allowed us to create a unique solution on the basis of gypsum with absolute environmental friendliness, sound-heat insulation, and absolutely nonflammable properties.

Each element produced by us passes several stages of quality testing. Designers and engineers who underwent retraining in western countries create for you such product which is simply perfect in esthetic and qualitative senses. Thanks to that our product differs from the equivalents offered on the market. Our priority is work with each customer individually, achieving maximum efficiency.

Thanks to professionalism of our workers, many design studios, architectural offices and large construction companies across all Ukraine are clients of the Alivio company.

For us wishes of our clients are requirements which we fulfill with maximum responsibility. Satisfaction of our clients’ requirements is the highest assessment of our operation. Having become our customer, we are sure that you fully feel our professionalism not only upon purchase, but also in after-sale information and technical support.

The concept of wall-board 3D panels as finishing material in an interior appeared relatively recently. Considering daily increase in demand for production, our company represents the clients such variety of models which will meet requirements even of the most refined buyers. Our directory presents more than 20 models each of which is worth of your attention and can become a key source of inspiration in your interior.

Our company first of all cares for image and comfort of its clients, offering them the qualitative gypsum 3D panels produced on high-quality equipment according to all technological standards. An important factor in case of choosing our production is the competitive cost of goods. You can buy our production without effort, at the affordable prices, without spending extra.

Production technology of gypsum Alivio panels is based on all relevant achievements in the field of three-dimensional simulation and precise processing of material. Production is carried out in a special shop which is equipped with modern equipment allowing to make any three-dimensional models of surfaces. Each project begins with the creation by means of computer program of a 3D model which later finds ideal proportions and identity in the form of ready for replication by a production method sample later.

Our company offers self-produced architectural gypsum 3D panels Alivio. A panel size is generally 600/600 mm, possible size deviations is up to 1% which are leveled when mounting. Tile thickness is 15-30 mm, depending on the print used. Manufacture according to custom-built order is possible according to the concept of your interior. Please, specify whether products are offered in stock and information about special offers while using contacts on our site.

Due to the use in production only high-quality materials 3D panels Alivio have ideally smooth surface resistant to mechanical influences, high specific density in combination with a small weight of a product. Panels are made with a monochrome relief surface which is easily colored into the necessary color by acrylic, aqueous emulsion or latex paints. While working with gypsum we do not apply any chemical components, glues and other harmful for health substances. Panels made of gypsum are100% eco-friendly and ideal for internal finishing.

Advantage of 3D panels is simplicity and ease of installation as they can be set on any surfaces (gypsum cardboard, plaster, front putty). Panels are fixed with the help of glue for gypsum cardboard, the priming coat is to be applied in advance. Also, it is possible to fix decorative plates on the ceiling, although they need to be held steady with screws. 3D panel is characterized by excellent crash-worthiness both before and after mounting (similar to plastered wall). One more important advantage is an opportunity to color panels with any kinds of paints.

Primary benefits of 3D panels use:

— original appearance and modern design;

— big range of texture samples and prints;

— easy to choose a suitable form of a panel appealing to your interior;

— you can repaint a decorative plate any time, even using technology of patinating or gilding;

— 3D panels are made exceptionally in accordance with latest technologies and from ecological materials;

— material of panels is fireproof, does not inhaust smells and is well protected from mechanical damage.

All products possess a unique “set” of emotional and rational characteristics defining their attractiveness for a customer:

— novelty and uniqueness of a product;

— our panels “become “center of gravity” practically in any interior and a “generator” of positive emotions;

— a new element of your interior is created quickly and easily;

— all elements of interior are easily replaced and updated;

— 3D design panels are perfectly combined with other types of materials for finishing walls;

— application of illumination and various finishing coverings (simulation of stone, wood, metal, leather, etc.) provide a “kaleidoscope” of the infinite color ideas which will not cease to surprise you for many years;

— you can implement your creative abilities in interior design creation by “own hands”.

3D wall panels are a novelty in the sphere of decorative finishing, and we have an exclusive opportunity to present you the product which gained reputation in many countries of Europe and became a megahit among the leading designers. Wall panels for interior are a new measurement in a decor and new design decisions. They will give your walls a unique appearance and emphasize your identity.

Welcome to our preview website. Our collection is designed by ambitious designers, to meet the expectations of contemporary interior decoration. We are looking forward to cooperating with architecture companies, interior designers, distributors and contractors. Alivio is open to working on custom projects for designing and manufacturing. All business inquiries are welcome.

The company Alivio brings to your attention an exclusive solution for interior design – 3D decorative gypsum panels for wall installation. This approach opens up a third dimension in the field of interior design, previously limited by the use of flat, cold surfaces. The richness of color and texture used in the eco-friendly gypsum 3D panels, allows to implement any architectural issues and creative ideas in the design of various rooms. 

Alivio is an innovative design company offering a full range of styles focused on developing dynamic interior environments, on both the commercial and residential levels. From our designers to our industry experts, we reimagine the hidden potential of spaces through the ingenious introduction of Alivio 3d wall panels.

With an emphasis on earth-friendly products, and the creation of fresh accents and artful finishes, we provide original, decorative identities to indoor  spaces. We invite you to browse our modern panel catalog to appreciate the variety of styles and accessories available from our talented team of designers.

Our commitment to wall texture design guided by a personal touch, combines the essential elements of quality materials, solid workmanship and modern technology that become warm, serene and nourishing spaces.

Many of our dimensional panels are forged using geometries found in nature, but ones not intuitively obvious to the human eye. Our passionate efforts to establish sculptural panels that stimulate in visual and tactile ways result in perspectives enjoyed uniquely by each individual.

Our modular walls have been designed to be easily installed in any commercial or residential application, enhance the decorative sophistication of any interior wall with the Alivio Gypsum 3D panels.

Alivio Design’s 3D panels, using textures and dimensional surfaces, create a sense of depth on vertical walls. The amount and direction of light reflects shadows that animate any space. Modular panels installed in areas with direct sunlight experience a compelling shadowing effect on the dimensional tiles throughout the day.

The corporate sensibility at Alivio, in conjunction with our employees and affiliates, is to make a remarkable difference in each community we serve. It is a green company devoted to promoting and encouraging awareness in every aspect of its business practice, especially in the use of materials and manufacturing processes safe for the environment. Its 3D wall panels are made with mineral-based composites (gypsum)  that are 100% recyclable and free of volatile organic compounds.

Alivio exists for builders, contractors, interior designers, retailers and homeowners visualizing the potential of their space and searching for a design solution. Through soothing colors and rich textures, we create and deliver simply the best aesthetic personality for their cool homes, offices and commercial spaces.

For all the places, and all the spaces, where you live, work, play and love, without exception and without compromise, Alivio is privileged to be your go-to resource. We’ve got you covered.


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